Grotopia Features

Introducing Online Point of Sale

The POS system is a perfect solution for management of a physical store. It gives the store owner the liberty to have multiple outlets for a store. This module will easily manage customer and orders for swift processing of the store. The admin and salesperson can also see cash drawer to compute the profit incurred in a financial day. The POS system is a bridged solution for managing online and physical store inventory. This module can be very helpful for an increment in the sales on the store.


The POS system gives the advantage to the store owner to manage the Physical store in a fast, simple and effective way. The store owner here can create outlets for each physical store. The outlets here are linked with the sources and all products associated with that source will get synced with the POS outlet. The sales agent can even manage the customer's data here to create a good customer-seller relationship. It even gives the customer the power pay through a split mode which will divide the payment into card and cash. This module can be said as a streamlined way for management of the day to day activities of the physical store. Thus, it can help in the generation of revenue to a higher gradient.

  • Connects only to the printer and barcode reader via USB or Bluetooth wireless connection. Whereas it does not connect directly with the cash drawer and card swipe machine.
  • As this is a Web-based POS system so it requires a web browser to work on it.
  • POS System device (tablet, iPad, computer, laptop, PC, Mac, laptop) should have at least a 7.5-inch screen size minimum.
  • Print custom barcode labels/stickers for products with the logo, price, name, date, custom attribute using - POS Barcode


  • The admin can create multiple physical outlets for his/her online store and associate products with them.
  • The admin can assign multiple cashiers to the POS outlet.
  • The sales agents get the login details of the POS through email.
  • Separate Panel for a sales agent for sales management.
  • The admin can print barcode slips.
  • Add the Invoice logo from the admin panel configuration setting.
  • The admin can assign a source to the outlet.
  • Inventory assignment to the outlet based on all products and categories of the source.
  • Default customer and address assignment to the outlet.
  • A new customer can add from the sales agent POS panel.
  • Easy real-time synchronization of sales and transactions.
  • Easy sales management for the admin.
  • The products can be added to cart in three ways- on clicking the product, through SKU and Barcode Reader.

  • The agent can Put the POS in Full-screen mode.
  • The POS easily operates in offline mode as well to provide better processing.
  • Hassle-free payment and checkout process.
  • The sales agents can hold an order for later check-out processes.
  • The agents can change among multiple currencies and languages.
  • The cashiers can view the cash drawer for computing the profit generated in a day or days by them.
  • The cashiers can print the order receipt with the help of a printer.
  • A cash drawer can be connected to your POS printer to open after printing the sales receipt.
  • The sales agent can even file the return and generate a cash memo for the product(s).
  • Cashiers can update the product stock after the product return.
  • POS agents can refresh the whole product list and the category list.
  • The sales agent can even refresh the individual products instead of refreshing the whole product list.
  • The customer can split the payment at the POS by paying through card and cash.
  • The POS supports simple, virtual, configurable, downloadable, grouped and bundle types of products.


With expanding business the areas of revenue or profit generation also expand. The admin can have more than one physical store. This can be managed by

Creation of multiple outlets.

Assignment of sources to the outlets.

The outlet has its respective cashier/sales agent.

The outlet creation will allow the store owner to cover the maximum location easily. This will help in the stores of the business and popularity.


The products can be associated with the outlet from the source based on category and all products.

The admin can decide the categories which they want to assign to the outlet from the source.

The admin can also assign all the products present in the source to the outlet.

Sources inventory gets updated whenever the order is placed from the POS outlet.


In a business model where a store owner has multiple physical stores. The owner can't be present in every store. So to sort this issue our module allows the creation of a sales agent/ cashier. The admin can register as many sales agents he wants from the back-end.

The admin can create multiple agents and assign them to the respective outlets.

The login credentials of the outlet for the agents will be created by the admin only.

The agents will get the login credentials of the POS outlet on their registered mail Id.

The status of the agents can be enabled or disabled from the back-end by the admin.

The admin can set the image of the sales agent.


The salesperson can easily add customers to the POS and select them at the time of checkout. The addition of customers to the POS system can make the functioning of the store easy as every time the customer comes the salesperson can easily find them on the list of customers.

The registered customer will appear in the list of the customer in the POS.

If the customer is not registered then they can be added by entering the details like name, address, email address, and contact number.

Additional addresses can be added and previous addresses can be edited in the existing customer's details.

The customer details can help in the easy and fast checkout process. The store owner can even use this information to increase the loyalty of the customer by building a strong relationship. This can be done by sharing various information such as offer, discount, exchange offers and many other details via brochures, SMS, emails, and other modes.


POS System is a Web-based POS, so it is flexible and supports multiple peripherals such as barcode scanner, printer, cash drawer.

POS Device - A device such as - iPad, Tablet, Laptop, Mac, Desktop PC which is capable of running a web browser and have at least 7.5-inch screen size with 1280x800 pixel (minimum) resolution will work. To communicate with other POS peripherals, Bluetooth and USB (2.0 and above) connection is also required.

Web Browser - Various web browsers are supported such as - Opera 15+, Android web client 4+, Internet Explorer 10+ desktop/mobile, Firefox 10+, Chrome 4+, Safari 11+.

Barcode Scanner - To use a barcode scanner, it needs to be connected with your POS Device via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Dongle, USB, OTG, or any other port.

Receipt Printer - A printer needs to be connected with your POS Device via USB port or any other wireless connection such as Bluetooth/Wi-fi. Thermal printers are recommended for printing sales receipts. In case you want to use a cash drawer, please ensure your printer should be able to connect with the cash drawer. Such as via RJ11/RJ12 port or other connection. Cash drawer will open after printing the receipt.

Cash Drawer - To use a cash drawer machine, it needs to be connected with your thermal printer via RJ11/RJ12 or some other connection. Please note - Cash drawer machine is not directly connected with the POS Device, instead it is connected with your thermal printer.


The POS provides the functionality for the payment in an easy and sorted format. The POS majorly has multiple payment methods to ease the checkout. They majorly are-

Cash- The customer can pay through cash and the salesperson can select the method for it.


POS App is a native mobile application. Using this native app, the admin provides the functionality to the cashiers so that they can make use of this single application on their Android or iOS devices for multiple physical stores. Using the app -

The admin provides the functionality to the cashier so that they can check for the online and offline orders that have been placed

The cashier can easily search for the products from the search icon on the home page

The cashier can also search for the products using characters, SKU, or by product name

The cashier can also add a note for any of the orders.


If you are looking for a POS system for your Merchanrs. Then, Merchant POS is one such module.

The marketplace sellers can easily expand revenue generation scope for their business by using Merchant's Point of Sale module.

The marketplace point of Sale (POS) refers to a system where the seller can create order from his physical store using POS and order will be generated in an e-commerce store.

The module enables the seller to sell the e-commerce products in the retail stores.

The seller can create multiple outlets for the store and can manage them by creating POS salesperson.

Multiple sale persons can be created for each outlet.